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"Play the Difference"


  "Play the Difference"








The AM Mouthpieces line of mouthpieces are the culmination of many years of research and development.  Each mouthpieces is carefully handmade by Arnold Montgomery.  All together, there are over a dozen precision machining techniques and procedures in the development of an AM Mouthpiece. I begin with a solid bar of the finest virgin grain brass. Next, I carefully cut each mouthpiece to its optimal length. Each billet is then presicely machined on a manual mill and manual lathe.  After the boring , table and facing have been cut to specification I carefully mill out the window allowing the baffle and rails to take full shape. 

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     After the chamber milling process, I  carefully rotate the new mouthpieces and craft the beak (or bite plate area).   The beak is milled to a radius that allows for an extremely comfortable feel, much like a hard rubber mouthpiece. Finally before hand finishing the piece ,  the bite plate pocket is cut and  filled with a food safe epoxy that is as impact resistant as it is aesthetically appealing.  The mouthpieces are then engraved and prepared for plating.  Every AM Mouthpiece goes through a triple plating process that is as gorgeous as it is durable.   ****** PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A 4-5 WEEK LEAD TIME TO MAKE A CUSTOM HANDMADE MOUTHPIECE. 

* Making a Mouthpiece is no easy task. Each Piece is handmade to order and we do not keep stock of any model.  In the event you are not satisfied with you purchase we are willing to modify your mouthpiece to help better fit your needs. We do not offer refunds.   Thank you for choosing AM Mouthpieces 

All images and content are property of AM Mouthpieces LLC

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