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     -Saxophonist, instrument repair tech, artist, artisan and mouthpiece maker Arnold Montgomery has devoted more than half of his life to the research and development of the saxophone mouthpiece. Arnold modified his first mouthpiece at the age of 15 and never looked back.  "From the time I was in 9th grade to the time I got to college I literally played through every mouthpiece on the market. Im not saying that they were not great mouthpieces, I was just looking for something different." Arnold’s search for the perfect mouthpiece inspired him to create his own line of handmade mouthpieces.  

     During his early years in college Arnold’s interest lead him to purchase a  small wood lathe to start fabrication on his first handmade mouthpiece. Shortly after, Arnold aquired a metal lathe and milling machine to began prototype work on metal mouthpieces.  In the beginning Arnold experimented making mouthpieces with any material he could get his hands on.  Most of these materials were exotic hard woods, plastics, aluminum, etc.  Through many years of various shapes, sizes, facing curves and prototypes, Arnold developed a mouthpiece that had a much more dynamic range and ease of play. This was a huge break through in his new line of mouthpieces "The Aras"  and "The Luna." My mission is to make the most versitle and consistent mouthpiece that allows the player to be who they are.  I believe that  handmade instrustments by dedicated artisans  have a special quality to them. Eye for detail, prefection, and your satisfaction is our main goal at AM Mouthpieces.   "Play the Difference"

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